What is AndonCloud?

It’s the main tool enabling fulfillment of Jidok’s rule, introduced by Toyota, currently a part of Lean production and Manufacturing Execution System (MES). Andon is a visual way of communication with the usage of colors. It allows to stop the manufacturing process in case of a problem. AndonCloud is mainly a board presenting a location where a problem is in the manufacturing process. This System indicates the location where the alert was generated. It creates customized MUR reports and calculates OEE indicators, based on availability, utilization and quality indicators (KPI). The System notifies about the event in the production through a voice message, SMS and email.

Challenges and problems

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Wasting time
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Problem with identification  
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Step 1 Operator reports a problem i.e. with the machine

Simple and intuitive System operated via a touch screen or other devices, enables precise recording state i.e of the machines’ state. Preview and changing of status is possible from any place and device after authorization of an employee.

Step 2 Notification of oversight services

Increase the efficiency of troubleshooting with quick notifications via SMS, e-mail and phone call. Intuitive indicating of machines’ states with the help of colors ( green, yellow, red). The current status of the machine always in a central location of the company.
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Step 3 Resolving problems i.e. repairing of machine damage

Time saving: OEE/MUR and other reports generated ad hoc for any period (daily, monthly, etc.) and the number / group of machines. Further processing and analysis of collected data is possible. Excel format reports or on the monitor screen. Granting access to reports for particular people. Optimization of the time of repair, maintenance, manufacturing targets. Controlling of repair and response to failure.

Integration of software with devices

AndonCloud platform was designed and developed by team of skilled programmers, who watch over the stability and software development. We are constantly working on the development of the platform in Agile way. At any time we can create any module that enables communication with the specialized controller and the communication protocol of the device.

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Cost saving calculator

See how easily you can save on optimizing the process of calling oversight services in your company.
Number of machines:
The frequency of machine breakdowns:
{{failure_frequency|number:2}} (which gives one breakdown at {{1/failure_frequency|number:0}} days)
The delay associated with calling oversight services:
{{delay_time}} min
Daily loss of time associated with calling oversight services: {{daily_delay() | number:2}} h!
The cost of stopping production (h):
{{production_cost|number:0}} pln
Staff costs (h):
{{employee_cost|number:0}} pln
{{yearly_cost() | number:0}} pln anually
{{2 * yearly_cost() | number:0}} pln within two years
{{3 * yearly_cost() | number:0}} pln within three years

Free installation for testing

You can test AndonCloud for free to check how it improves your company. We will also carry out free pre-deployment analysis for your company.

For testing purposes -in addition to the software- you will get industrial tablet and screen.

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